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Introducing Limited Editions

Do you know how many chili variations there are in the world?

The answer is over 4000 chili varieties, native to over 80 countries, contained within 5 different species.

Now how many of those have you tried? Scary Berry’s Limited Editions program is about to take you on a trip around the world. With this program, we bring the rarest and the hardest-to-come-by chilies to your taste buds.  

Each Limited Edition product is a work of art and flavor thanks to our team of chili experts, who scour the world to find these treasures. You can read about each unique chili in our Blog.

​Click the button below to enter a group of chili enthusiasts and get notified when a Limited Edition Chili is in production. You can then pre-order and reserve your own sauce as each release is only available for a short time.

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